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Historical Records and Pages of the Connecticut State Chess Association and
the Connecticut Chess Community

by Robert Cyr
CSCA Historian

The CSCA historian, Robert Cyr (left), is continuously working with former CSCA officers and directors to preserve the history of the Connecticut State Chess Association and the Connecticut chess community.

The CSCA is granted copyright authorization from the following state and local newspapers to reproduce and post Connecticut chess stories and articles:

As the sole owners of these published works, the publishers and authors receive sole and full credit for their content, presentation and publication. The articles being reproduced here on this website are for the sole purpose of creating a combined reference source of records to remember the chess of our community. Unauthorized reproduction of these articles for any other purpose is a violation of copyright law.

  • The New Britain Herald
  • The Hartford Courant
  • The Republican-American (Waterbury)
  • The Southington Observer
  • The Record-Journal (Meriden)
  • The Newtown Bee
  • The New Haven Register

Exemplary Contribution to Connecticut Chess (4)

  • Robert Roy, 2021
  • Robert Cyr, 2021
  • Christopher Potts, 2021
  • Gert Hilhorst, 2022

Hall of Fame Inductees (18)

  • NTD Frederick Townsend, 2024
  • FM Richard Bauer, 2024
  • NM Edward McHugh, III, 2024
  • IM Maximillian Lu, 2024
  • NM Jasmine Su, 2024
  • FM Kapil Chandran, 2023
  • GM Sergey Kudrin, 2023
  • Beatrice Low, 2023
  • LTD Christopher Potts, 2023
  • Senior TD Robert Roy, 2023
  • NM Hanon Russell, 2023
  • Senior TD Nick Stevens, 2023, posthumous
  • NM James Bolton, 2023, posthumous
  • Bortil Clareus, 2023, posthumous
  • Robert Mitchell, 2023, posthumous
  • NM Dr. Joseph Platz, 2023, posthumous
  • Arkadij Strandins, 2023, posthumous
  • LTD Thomas Hartmayer, 2023, posthumous