Connecticut State Chess Association
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2023 Connecticut Scholastic Championships

January 7, 2023
Sacred Heart University, Bowman Hall, 5151 Avenue, Fairfield, CT

Sponsored and organized by the Connecticut State Chess Association and Sacred Heart University Chess

Special thanks to Bill Sweeney, Paul Rychlik and SHU Chess Club for their support and efforts organizing this tournament event for the Connecticut chess community.

Individual Competition Tournament (Team Championships Planned for March 4 in Manchester)

Round 4 for High and Middle Schools under way inside Bowman's abbey.

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Jan 7
Pre-Event Information is available at the above link. Everything players need to know in advance of arrival can be found there.

Jan 6
123 players including IM Maximillian Lu and NM Nathaniel Moor, are registered to participate in the Championships.

Jan 6
CSCA will broadcast top two boards from the three G/55 sections over DGT and the CSCA website (see above) or "Live Games" link on the left.

Dec 24

A look inside Bowman Hall at Sacred Heart University, one of the newest buildings on the quickly growing SHU Fairfield campus and home of the upcoming 2023 Connecticut Scholastic Championships on January 7. CSCA would like to thank the University and SHU Chess organizers Bill Sweeney and Paul Rychlik for their enormous effort in securing this venue for Connecticut's scholastic players.

Dec 12
If you did not receive registration confirmation, please check your spam or junk folder for a note from

Dec 11
Registration is open! Please follow above links.

Dec 7
CSCA Modifies Scholastic Championships, Separates Individual and Team Competitions
For the 2022-23 tournament cycle year, the CSCA will divide the annual Scholastic Championships into two events: The 2023 Scholastic Championships (individual competition), which will focus on individual performance and results, will take place on January 7 at Sacred Heart University and will include the selection of Connecticut 2023 grade-based national invitational nominees to the US Chess Denker, Barber and Rockefeller Tournaments of Champions. The 2023 Scholastic Team Championships (team competition), which are expected to take place March 4 at Manchester High School, will be a team-based competition, awarding Connecticut schools state team titles based on team performance.
...The decision to split the events results from a long-standing debate over the quality of the Scholastic Championships when organized as one hybrid tournament. The needs of the individual and team competitions do not coincide. Everything from preferred time controls to quality of play to pairing format are prioritized differently in these competitions, and the standard hybrid event as held throughout the history of the CSCA, due to concern over cost and independent organizer interest, does not satisfy either camp, the individual- or the team-focused.
...Thus, to maintain the purity, quality and goals of the two types of competition, the CSCA is separating the Championships for 2023 and granting each competition type its own tournament event. The divided format is approved for 2022-23, only, and the CSCA will review both events closely after their conclusion to determine future formats.