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NBCC Christmas Party, Bullet Tournament, and Grand Prix Presentation to Yonatan Alexrad

NBCC Oktoberfest Dinner Party of 2022

Oktoberfest Open of 2022

Nelson Castaneda, Joe Bihlmeyer, Roger Bessette, Kevin Corteville, Bob Cyr, Justin Lalor, Lisa Smith (Back row)
Nathan Mezheritskiy, Pragyan Pandey, Yonatan Alexrad (Front row)

New Britain Summer Open of 2022

Nakul Ramaswamy, Ian Harris, Norman Burtness, Bob Cyr
Gert Hilhorst (kneeling in front)

Master Chef Mario Guevara-Rodriguez serves Suhas Kodali.

In front: Gary Hilhorst vs. Mario Guevara-Rodriguez
In back: Lisa Smith vs. Nakul Ramaswamy

In front: David Herscovici vs. Richard Bauer
In back: Joseph Bihlmeyer vs. Ian Harris

Bob Cyr's 35th Anniversary Celebration

Players from across the state enjoy pizza and refreshments at Bob's party.

The more experienced Bob Cyr plays against the newcomer and talented, Yonatan Alexrad

July Knockout and Swiss Tournament of 2022

Wissam Afyouni, Nelson Castaneda, Joe Bihlmeyer, George Himes, Tom Sullivan, Bob Cyr

Final table on the Summer Knock-out tournament. Niloy (left) won.

Strazdins Cup of 2022

Jason Lalor, Nelson Castaneda, Dennis Himes, Richard Bauer, Suhas Kodali

Strazdins Stein of 2022

Yonatan Axelrad, Sheritan Vijay, Kevin Corteville

Planet Earth Chess Championship of 2022

Jason Lalor, Yoon-Young Kim, Bob Campbell, Gaetano Bompastore

Bob Cyr, Andrew Feng, Yonatan Axelrad, Bill Campbell

Robbie Jay, Lily Wang, Jeraldin Sundar, Vivaan Lodha

NBCC outreach tournament

NBCC 2022 Champions

Aiden Paradis, David Herscovici, Dennis Himes, Lisa Smith, Nathan Mezheritskiy, Justin Lalor, Damon Bramble

Justin Lalor simul 2022